Fidget cubes and fidget spinners are the most recent devices to add to the worries of schools. The devices which are advertised as stress-relief tools for people who can’t sit still such as kids, some of them make noise when they spin while others don’t. These devices have two or three arms that rotate around a central rounded pad. The user or the child holds the center ring and spins the prongs around. Fidget spinners are of different materials with some made of metal, and others plastic.

The devices that come in different designs and colors are now getting into the nerves of teachers and now mosque Imams. The gadgets were allegedly meant to assist children to concentrate in school, but it appears they are troubling teachers. This has led to their ban in classrooms in some schools in the United Kingdom and the United States. Teachers say they are nothing but a bother to kids as they distract them especially when they are trying to do the tricks. The teachers have also reported the devices to be dangerous to the children if they are out of control.

And in the latest news, a mosque has joined schools in banning the fidget spinner. The Masjid e Umar Imam in Mount Roskill said that the popular toy was not acceptable within the mosque before the beginning of a particular one-hour evening prayer for Ramadan; the Islamic month of fasting that began for Kiwi Muslims on May 28. According to a mosque representative, the decision was in agreement with the policies of the mosque on other gadgets.

Mosque-goers have received the news with applause with one saying that the devices are a disturbance to their prayer session. This is because the hour-long evening prayer is a moment for quiet reflection.

The gadget which was invented over a dozen years ago, the toys have all of a sudden become so trendy that popular online videos give details on how to do tricks. One of the videos one has more than five million views. Another posted only a week ago about music to go with your fidget spinning already has over 600,000 views, and stores can’t maintain them in stock.

Banned fidget spinner on sale

While institutions are busy banning the device, the popular device is now on sale. The gadget which can be found in almost every grocery store, it is also available online and shipped from China for just $1. It is on sale and with tempting offers that would probably crash websites. They are of different models, and one goes for $19.99. The trending devices are now sold directly from Chinese makers to American consumers.

According to one fidget store seller, the highly in demand device has led to the manufacture of cheaper, lower-quality spinners, which are more at risk of breaking and causing safety dangers such as choking. Even as institutions continue to ban the popular gadget, the fidget spinner seller urges parents to be cautious of what they purchase as some contain lead.

Mosque joins schools to ban the widespread fidget spinners